Wedbush Securities Inc., was fined $1,000,000 for improper reporting to the SEC and supervision failures

Furgison Law Group investigates claims against Wedbush Securities Inc. (CRD #877, Los Angeles, California) 

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The securities fraud lawyers at Furgison Law Group are currently investigating claims against Wedbush Securities Inc. The arbitration specialists at Furgison Law Group are investigating claims involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, failure to supervise, misrepresentations, omissions of material facts, conflict of interests, violations of state and federal securities laws, along with other broker misconduct.

FINRA fines Wedbush Securities, Inc., $1,000,000

The sanctions were based on findings that the firm submitted incomplete and inaccurate blue sheets to the SEC. The findings also included that the firm failed to establish and maintain a supervisory system relating to its submission of blue sheets, and failed to establish, maintain and enforce WSPs relating to blue sheets that were reasonably designed to achieve compliance with applicable securities laws, regulations and rules, in violation of NASD Rule 3010 and FINRA Rule 2010.  

Investors Have the Right to Recover Their Losses

When investments are sold by brokerage firms licensed by FINRA, they are subject to the laws that FINRA enforces. The brokerage firms are responsible for ensuring that their brokers are trading fairly, ethically and in the best interest of their clients. Ideally, they would accomplish this through careful supervision. Unfortunately, too often this supervision has been inadequate to fully protect investors. If you purchased any investments through a representative of a registered brokerage firm and suffered loses through negligence or fraud, it immediately puts the brokerage firm at fault for failing to supervise their broker. FINRA law then dictates that you can hold the firm legally liable to recover your damages.

Can I recover my investment losses?

If you lost a substantial portion of your retirement savings or other assets as a result of investments purchased through Wedbush Securities Inc., please contact us immediately. Our investment fraud lawyers have recovered millions of dollars from the largest banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms in the world on behalf of investment fraud victims. You may have certain legal rights that require your immediate attention. Time is of the essence in these claims. The sooner you act, the greater your chances of recovering your investment losses. Don't wait. Contact us TODAY for a FREE Consultation and case evaluation. We will tell you if you have a viable claim worth pursuing.